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May 29, 2019
Hello miners,
I have created a player guide for new players and old, who may have questions about the newest and past content on prisons. The guide will also teach players about the competitive side of prisons, and how to join and compete in top cells.

In this guide you will find:
  • New warzone content explained (celestial gems, skills)
  • New celestial enchant content explained
  • Previous content explained (relics, cell armory, etc.)
  • Useful commands
  • Enchant recommendations
  • Advice on what to grind
  • New Locations (outpost, koth, and meteorite mines)
  • FAQ
  • And More
*This guide is made through the eyes of a competitive player and is not made to force players to play one certain way*
Player Guide
This post will serve as a go-to guide for new and old players who want to get a better grasp of the new content that has been recently added on VanityMC Prison Genesis. In this guide you will also find content from previous maps explained, learn new commands, advice on what to spend currency on, and overall allow players to have a good time playing.
(If you think anything else should be added, feel free to dm _cxombo#8487 on discord)

*Feel free to use ctrl+F to find your specific question*

When you first join
  • If you don’t have a rank go straight to /warp a or /warp pvp (1-4) and start grinding tokens and silver
    • Also use code “Convict” for free first rank
  • If you do have a rank, do /kit (Basically your reclaim)
    • *These kits can be claimed once every 3 days*
    • Rewards:
      • Convict: Token Voucher (10k-50k) and 1x rare key
      • Thief: Token voucher (10k-50k), 0.1x Sell booster, and 1x rare key
      • Hooligan: Token voucher (10k-50k), 0.1x sell booster, and 1x rare key
      • Crook: Token voucher (50k-100k), 0.1x sell booster, and 1x epic key
      • Mugger: Token voucher (50k-100k), 0.1x sell booster, and 1x epic key
      • Thug: Token voucher (50k-100k), 0.1x sell booster, 1x epic key
      • Gangster: Token voucher (100k-200k), 0.1x sell booster, 1x vanity key
      • Vanity: Token voucher (100k-200k), 0.2x sell booster, 1x vanity key
      • Vanity+: Token voucher (250k-500k), 0.2x sell booster, 2x vanity+ keys
  • There are four warzone warps. /warp pvp, /warp pvp2, /warp pvp3, and /warp pvp4
  • Warzone NEW content
    • Meteorite Mines: Mines can be located in warzone. These mines can be used to mine silver and fragments.
      • Coords of Upper mines
        • XYZ: -188/122/106
        • XYZ: -236/127/28
        • XYZ: -164/128/-96
        • XYZ: -78/128/-106
        • XYZ: 23/136/-110
        • XYZ: 59/129/-34
        • XYZ: 94/134/47
        • XYZ: -9/127/176
      • There are also mines in the pit under outpost
    • Celestial Gems: Celestial fragments are obtained from warzone and can be used to craft a tier 1 gem. To craft you do (3x3) in a crafting table.
    • 3x3doc.png
    • If you want to make higher tier fragments, you put 4 of the same fragments together in a (2x2)
    • 2x2doc.png
    • To add celestials to a pickaxe do /upgrade >> Celestial Gems >> Pickaxe >> Add a gem
      • You need 100k raw blocks to add your first celestial gem to a pickaxe
    • PvP Skills: If you receive a skill point, do /prisonskills
      • There are 3 classes to invest points into
        • Paladin
        • Assassin
        • Priest
    • All skill points can be 100% refunded by clicking on the red symbol so feel free to experiment with different classes!
    • You can obtain skill points from killing mobs
      • You can view your xp in /prisonskills (xp = skill points)
      • refunddoc.png
    • Outpost: To get to outpost do /warp pvp, (2-4)
      • Pit outpost:
      • pitoutpostdoc.png
      • Located at coords XYZ: -77/37/28
      • Grants 2x sell booster and 20% tokens
    • Sky Outpost:
      • skyoutpostdoc.png
      • 2 ways to get up to the sky outpost
      • /warp pvp, at coords XYZ: -241/153/174
      • Parkour at coords XYZ: -21/130/45 (easiest way to get to parkour is /warp pvp 3)
      • Grants additional % chance to have pickaxe enchants proc
    • Koth: New location for koth at /warp koth
    • kothdoc.png
    • Go straight ahead to get to koth cap
    • Koth is 6 minutes
    • If you successfully cap do /koth claim to get your key and open it at /warp crates

      Recommended Warzone Advice: (based on top cell top opinions)
      • Assassin is the best class to use
      • Corvus, Sagitta, Draco, Ursa, and Orion are the best celestial gems to use
      • Grinding mobs is good for Silver, Tokens, and Runes
      • Mining is good for Fragments
*To read more about specific celestial gem perks or /prisonskills skills feel free to visit the forums by clicking here*
Last Map’s Content
  • Old Content:
    • Cell Armory:To access cell armory do /cell armor
      • Cell armor can be upgraded with silver
      • Your entire cell’s armor will be upgraded together, it is not individual
    • Warzone Mobs:Mobs are at /warp pvp
      • Killing mobs will give you silver, tokens, cell value, and runes
      • Certain areas require higher tier armor, so mobs are able to one shot you!
    • Prestige Enchants: To prestige an enchant, it must be maxlevel
      • To navigate to prestiging an enchant, do /upgrade >> Prestige Enchantment
      • penchantdoc.png
*For more info on specific prestige enchant bonuses feel free to read the change logs by clicking here there you will find what each enchant does*
  • Recommended Prestige Enchants: (based on cell top opinions)
      • Jackhammer
      • Multidirectional - (late game enchant)
      • OP Sell - (only if you are money grinding)
      • Token Pouch
      • Autosell - (only if you are money grinding and have a good bp)
      • Contraband Finder
      • Craft’s Paypal
      • Merchant - ( only if you have a good bp, DON'T prestige it)
    • Cell Relic: can be purchased in /silvershop for 500 silver
      • Right click the cell relic to deposit runes (There are 4 types)
        • Caelum - boosts all the other runes
        • Terra - gives tokens every minute (scaled to level)
        • Ignis - gives money
        • Aqua - gives cell value
      • Terra and Ignis rune rewards can be claimed by right clicking the cell relic and clicking on the bank note
      • cellrelicdoc.png
        • To craft higher tier runes, get 4 runes, open a crafting table and place them in a 2x2, this will craft the next tier of a rune
          • Runes can be obtained in warzone by killing mobs
        • Runes cannot be withdrawn once placed in a cell relic
        • You will receive passive income from runes, so long as 1 member of your cell is online
    • Pets: Pets can be obtained from crates at /warp crates
      • There are 3 different types cell value, tokens, and sell booster
      • You can upgrade them in /upgrade
      • Sell booster pet max level will grant an additional 2x sell booster
      • Cell value pet will gives additional value while mining
      • Token booster pet gives additional tokens while mining (extra %)
*To read more about runes, feel free to read the changelog by clicking here*
    • Cell Value: obtained from mining, crates, warzone, player shops, /ah etc

      • cellvaluedoc.png
        • Cell value can be placed in a cell to get /cell top
          • Sponges - 1k value
          • Beacons - 10k
          • Dragon Eggs - 100k
          • Bedrock - 1mil
      • Once cell value has been placed, it cannot be withdrawn
    • Farming: farming can be done to obtain silver
    • farmdoc.png
    • To buy farmland do /silvershop
    • You can get seeds, cane, and nether wart from lucky enchant and /pass
    • When the crops are ready to harvest, you mine them, and can sell the items harvested in /silvershop
    • Paid Vanity Pass Rewards: /pass to access rewards by clicking "Redeem Rewards"
      • Levels 1-10 - 25,000 - 75,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 11-20 - 75,000 - 125,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 21-30 - 125,000 - 175,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 31-40 - 175,000 - 225,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 41-50 - 225,000 - 275,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus March Monthly Crate at Level 50!
      • Levels 51-60 - 275,000 - 325,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 61-70 - 325,000 - 375,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 71-80 - 375,000 - 425,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 81-90 - 425,000 - 475,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 91-100 - 475,000 - 525,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus Tier 4 Private Mine 100 x 100 (1 Day) at Level 100!
      • Levels 101-110 - 525,000 - 575,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus March Monthly Crate at Level 110!
      • Levels 111-120 - 575,000 - 625,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 121-130 - 625,000 - 675,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus March Monthly Crate at Level 130!
      • Levels 131-140 - 675,000 - 725,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 141-150 - 725,000 - 775,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus March Monthly Crate at Level 150!
      • Levels 151-160 - 775,000 - 825,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 161-170 - 825,000 - 875,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus March Monthly Crate at Level 170!
      • Levels 171-180 - 875,000 - 925,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Levels 181-190 - 925,000 - 975,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus March Monthly Crate at Level 190!
      • Levels 191-200 - 1,000,000 Tokens Per Level
      • Bonus Tier 4 Private Mine 100 x 100 (3 Day) at Level 200!

Joining Celltop Advice
  • How can a new player join a top cell?
    • If you are on blocktop or rawblocktop,(usually 1st-5th place) top cells will notice you and probably recruit you next map
  • How do I get celltop?
    • Getting celltop is fairly easy if you recruit the right people, you are all active, and you play by the rules
  • Top cells wont notice me without a rank
    • Buycraft is obtainable through prestigetop, blocktop, and mining event. With this buycraft you can purchase a rank. Ranks aren’t mandatory to join top cells, but having one will definitely increase your chances of getting recruited
  • How can I get involved with competitive players?
    • Top cells usually have their own discords, just simply ask if you can join their discord. In their discord is where they usually put together their rosters for upcoming maps
Useful Commands
  • Silver Commands:
    • /silvershop - opens silver shop
    • /silver withdraw silver (amount) - withdraws silver
    • /silver pay player silver (amount) - pays player silver
  • Privatemine Commands:
    • /pm get - gives you your pmine if purchased on the store
    • /pm setmode (donor, prestige) - changes the mode of your pmine
  • Necessary Commands:
    • /events - displays all the event times
    • /speed 10 - Hooligan rank+
    • /upgrade - opens pickaxe upgrade
    • /rankup - rankup up to next mine
    • /prestige - prestiges the player after reaching rank Z
    • /prestigemine - shows prestigemine warps
    • /maxprestige - does the maximum amount of prestiges using your money
    • /kit pickaxe - gives a pickaxe with no echants
    • /pass - in here you can claim pass rewards
    • /ah - opens the auction house
    • /ah sell (amount) - sells the item in hand for whatever price
  • Toggle Commands:
    • /toggle - toggles scoreboard
    • /togglefullinvmsg - diables “your inventory is full message”
    • /sell toggle - disables sell messages
    • /koth toggle - disables koth on scoreboard
    • /msg toggle - disables messages from other players
  • Votecoin Commands:
    • /vpshop - opens votecoin shop
    • /silver withdraw votecoin (amount) - withdraws votecoins
    • /silver pay player votecoin (amount) - pays a player votecoins
  • Money/Token Commands:
    • /ts pay player (amount) - pays a player tokens
    • /pay player (amount) - pays a player money
    • /ts w amount - withdraws tokens (intervals of 10k)
    • /withdraw amount - withdraws money
    • /paytoggle - disables money payments from other players
    • /token toggle - disables token payments from other players
  • Warzone Commands:
    • /cell armor - gui to upgrade cell armor
    • /warp pvp (2-4) - used to get to warzone
    • /warp koth - warps you to koth
    • /prisonskills - opens gui to upgrade skills
  • Cell Commands:
    • /cell top -displays top cells (1-10)
    • /cell create (name) - creates a cell
    • /cell gui - shows the cells permissions
    • /cell members - displays a gui of people in the cell (promote members)
    • /cell money deposit (amount) - deposits money into cell bal
    • /cell money withdraw (amount) - withdraw money from cell bal
    • /cell kick - kicks a member in the cell
    • /cell invite - invites a member to the cell
    • /cell ban - bans players from your cell
    • /cell show player - shows what cell a player is in
    • /cell blockstack - allows you to easily depost cell value
    • /cell chat - enable cell only chat
  • Top commands:
    • /blocktop - displays blocktop players
    • /prestigetop - displayed prestigetop players
    • /rawblocktop - displays rawblocktop
    • /cell top - displays top 10 cells
    • /Topdeaths - shows players who’ve died most
    • /Topkills - shows players with most kills
  • LMS Commands:
    • /lms join - joins lms
    • /lms leave - leaves lms
  • Chat Commands:
    • /discord - displays vanitymc discord link
    • /forum - link to vanitymc forums
    • /report - reports a player to all online staff
    • /helop - reports an issue to all staff online
How do I upgrade my pickaxe?
To upgrade your pickaxe do /upgrade

I need help (but staff are unable to help me with my issue)
Make a ticket in vanityMc discord in the #commands channel by typing .ticket prison

What can I buy with buycraft?
You can buy ranks, sell boosters, crates, and some monthly crates (depends when they were released)

I purchased a private mine.. Why haven’t I gotten it yet?
Do /pm get to get your pmine. If that doesn’t work, make a ticket

How do I rankup/prestige?
Do /rankup, /prestige, or /maxprestige

What do you get from prestiging?
When you prestige, you get a rare contraband crystal, a 0.01x sell booster, and tokens (tokens are only given every 10 prestiges)

Are sell boosters permanent?
Sell boosters are seasonal, meaning they will reset every map

How do I promote a cell member?
Do /cell gui and left click their name

What are wheat seeds wheat for?
Wheat seeds can be planted and harvested and sold for silver in /silvershop

What is the best enchant?
Jackhammer, multidirectional late game

How do I make a chest shop?
[Sell] [Buy]
If I buy the vanity pass and I am currently free pass level 20 will I be vanity pass level 20?
No, you will start from level 0 on the free pass

What do prestige enchants do?
Link to changelogs here

What do celestial gems do?
Link to changelogs here

What are sponges, beacons, deggs, and bedrock for?
These items are points used towards getting /cell top

Player Guide created by _cxombo aka ComboWomboe



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