Custom Enchant List (heroic) (update)


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Dec 22, 2018
Custom Enchantments with Descriptions

  • Water Breathing I - Gives you water breathing whenever you wear this enchant.​
  • Saturation I - Gives you unlimited saturation when you wear this enchant.​
  • Ghost I - Hides you from enemies on /near.​
Chest Plate
  • Rejuvenation I - Whenever you die, it gives your faction members extra hearts and regeneration.​
  • Ender Efficiency I, II - Has a chance to "yeet" throw a pearl very far. (Not confirmed) (Guess).​
  • Blessed I - Chance to remove negative debuffs.​
  • Fire Resistance I - Gives you fire resistance.​
  • Speed I, II - Gives you speed I or II depending on your level.​
  • Jelly Legs I - Negates all fall damage.​

All Armour Pieces
  • Strength I, II - Give you strength I or II depending on your level. (Acquire on all Pieces of armor to get the buff)​
  • Health Boost I - Gives you 2 extra hearts when you wear this enchant. (Acquire on all Peices of armor to get the buff)​

  • Rage I - Deal 5% more damage on an opponent when fighting them.​
  • Hex I - Gives your enemy slowness and poison when attacking them.​
  • Vampire I-II - Take hearts from your opponent and gain them yourself.​
  • Head Hunter I - Beheads the opponent whenever you kill them.​
  • Mob Rusher I - Gain more experience when grinding mobs.​
  • XP Swipe I - Has a chance to steal xp from the opponent.​
  • Shadow - Give your enemy blindness and slowness.​
  • Venom I-II - Poison your enemies when hitting them.​
  • Wither I-II - Wither your enemies whilst fighting.​

  • Anti Pearl I - Resets the opponents Enderpearl cool down when hit.​
  • Heal Shot I - Shoot your faction members to heal them.​
  • Triple I-II - Has the chance to shoot 3 arrows.​

  • Haste I, II, III - Increases the mining speed of the tool.​
  • Obsidian Breaker I - Destroys obsidian with a single touch.​
  • Blazing I - Has a chance to auto smelt ore when mining.​

Copied it from a previous post, just organized it a bit more to help people find what they're looking for! If there are any missing custom enchants please feel free to comment them below and tag me! thanks.
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